Resilience Centers

The Galilee East and Galilee West Resilience Centers


CSPC operates the two resilience centers along the northern conflict line, the Western Galilee, the Eastern Galilee, and the Golan.

The West Galilee and East Galilee resilience centers provide mental support to 38 municipalities, including about half a million residents.

 The centers were established to strengthen the municipalities, community, and personal resilience of the residents of the area and promote emergency preparedness. and operate under the Supreme Committee for Resilience Centers in the Ministry of Health.

 The resilience centers train, promote, and strengthen the municipalities and the community in emergency preparedness, constitute an accompanying and caring body during civil and security emergencies, and provide professional assistance in the management of emergency incidents and psychosocial torture in times of crisis and in the rehabilitation processes.

East Galilee Resilience Center

לוגו מרכז חוסן גליל מזרחי

Regional Resilience Center for 18 municipalities in the Eastern Galilee.

West Galilee Resilience Center Website


West Galilee Resilience Center

מרכז חוסן גליל מערבי

Regional Resilience Center for 19 municipalities in the Western Galilee.

West Galilee Resilience Center Website

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