From trauma and anxiety to mental resilience - strengthen the children and youth

Join us and be partners in our vital and meaningful work.

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In the heart of the Iron Swords War, children in northern frontline communities are seeking refuge from emotional turmoil.
We need your help to continue providing emotional support to children and youth who have been psychologically affected by the Iron Dome conflict.
So that the resilience centers in the Galilee and the Golan Heights can continue to treat, rehabilitate, and cope with the post-traumatic situations and emergencies of children and youth – through a variety of unique programs, we need significant financial resources.


Join us and be partners in our vital and meaningful endeavor.

Our Programs

Art Therapy

טיפול באומנות

Group therapy in a equipped creative space, facilitated by an art therapist who is proficient in both the artistic and therapeutic language, and therefore can support processes of creation, personal expression, and exploration in a safe environment.

Earth Toys & Games

משחקי אדמה

A program that engages connection to the earth and nature as a powerful therapeutic tool to facilitate emotional release, reconnecting individuals back to their bodies, emotions, and lives.

Therapy Puppets

מטפלת וילדה עם בובת גרב

A short-term supportive intervention for young children aimed to prevent the development of PTSD through the use of puppet theater as a therapeutic tool designed for empowerment and assistance in restoring daily functioning.

Therapeutic kennels

כלבנות טיפולית

Group therapy in a shared space. Therapy with dogs is a unique emotional treatment that offers a different experience in a pleasant, active, and non-threatening environment through interaction between the patient, the dog, and the therapist.

From pain to creation


A program based on arts expression, resilience development, and renewed establishment and construction of trust, sense of significance, and belonging among adolescents and young adults aged 15-24 who were directly exposed to and affected by the events of October 7, 2023.

Music Therapy

איש מנגן בגיטרה

A unique program designed to help adolescents aged 14-18 in regular and special education frameworks, as well as in various systems, to connect with their inner strengths, and strengthen feelings of significance, belonging, and personal and group hope.

Additional donation options

International Donations
Contributions via PEF: info@pefisrael.org
The name: Community Stress Prevention Center  MASHBIM
The MASHBIM  Amuta number: 580154888
* Contributions through PEF are recognized for tax purposes.
IBAN Number: IL620111100000001407556
Local Donations
Donations are tax-deductible according to Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.
CSPC is a non-profit association operating since 1981, holding proper management approval, Section 46 approval for donations, and bookkeeping approval as required by law.
Our bank account:
Discount Bank (11), Kiryat Shemona Branch (110), Account No: 1407556

Please inform us about your donation by email: cspc.israel@icspc.org

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