About CSPC

The Community Stress Prevention Center

Professor Mooli Lahad founded the “Community Stress Prevention Center” (CSPC) in 1981 at the northern confrontation line of Israel, pioneering the psychosocial preparation, intervention, treatment, and recovery for emergencies and crises involving civilian populations. As the world’s first organization to focus on these crucial aspects, CSPC has been at the forefront of advancing methodologies and strategies for community stress prevention.

CSPC is a reputable NGO, holding strong standing within Israel and internationally. It is a pioneering organization dedicated to developing and providing training to effectively address emergencies, crises, and disaster management in Israel and around the globe. 

Our efforts extend locally, including government ministries such as education, health, welfare, home security, and the Homefront Command, as well as engaging with local municipalities, diverse communities, and individuals. Worldwide, we have been involved in the recovery process of nearly all major disasters, encompassing manmade, natural, war, and terror-related incidents. Notable examples include our contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the economic crisis in Greece, and responding to terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States.

בונים ביחד

Our worldview

As part of the long-standing efforts to develop and enhance resilience, we collaborate with municipal authorities and government agencies to assist in health, education, welfare, security, and community. We are the only organization in the country that established remote therapeutic assistance centers staffed by mental health professionals with extensive professional experience, providing professional counseling in various languages.

Our goals

  • לשפר את ההיערכות הפסיכוסוציאלית לחירום בקו העימות הצפוני וברחבי העולם.
  • לספק מענה מיטבי ומיידי לנפגעי חרדה וטראומה.
  • להבטיח כי ההתערבויות של מרכז משאבים יהיו מבוססות מחקר והערכה.
  • לפתח מרכז מחקר בינלאומי לחקר הטראומה ופיתוח וטיפוח החוסן.
  • לפתח מרכז הכשרה והעשרה לאנשי מקצוע בתחום.

Our Vision

strives to be a professional, pioneering, innovative and leading organization in its field, at the national and international level, and works to strengthen the personal and social resilience of the population of the State of Israel, in partnership and equality.

Our Values

Human Dignity








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